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Face behind Wick'ed candle & co
How my journey started

About Wick’ed Candle & Co.


Wick’ed Candle is the creation of artisans dedicated to quality ingredients that do not harm the environment. We use organic coconut and soy wax in our candles with a much cleaner, sustainable, and eco-friendly burn. Organic coconut and soy wax burns longer and cleaner than other waxes, giving you more burn for your purchase. It has a natural, stronger scent throw that allows fragrance, essential oils, and natural ingredients to blend perfectly into a non-GMO product.


At Wick’ed Candle & Co., we create stunning candles that make your home a warm and inviting space for you, your family, and all your guests. Experience the quality of our hand-poured products and shop our candles and accessories today!

Time to meet Ela


Ela is the woman behind Wick’ed Candle & Co. She is a type-A personality packed in the introverted Boho soul of a modern-day hippie. You can always point out Ela as the odd one in the crowd with different perspectives and ideas who isn’t scared to stand up for or advocate for those in need or share deep insights with a twist of humour.


Ela began Wick’ed Candle & Co. as a way to reconnect with her free spirit artistic side that craved a creative outlet. What started as a simple exercise in needing to craft something from nothing has grown into a phenomenal women-owned business with customers all over the globe. Her unique blend of old soul tree hugger and outspoken modern entrepreneur has fueled the passion of our company to create incredible products.


Each of Ela’s designs is inspired by natural settings and nostalgia. Whether the smell of Gramma’s kitchen, a walk in the forest on the damp earth, or summer nights in Havana, our organic coconut soy wax candles deliver an aromatic delight to each of our valuable customers.


You can follow Ela’s journey as she creates new scent profiles and products by checking her out on Instagram or signing up for our newsletter.


Thank you for shopping with Wick’ed Candle & Co!

Have a Question?


We are a proudly Canadian business happily bucking the trend of being humble. We know what we have is good and want to do our best to constantly grow, so every product we offer is the best quality possible. If you have a question about our candles or would like to suggest new scents or accessories, please send us a note. We love hearing from our customers!


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