Face behind Wick'ed candle & co
How my journey started


Ever since I can remember, my imagination ran wild. I loved anything that had to do with arts and crafts. As years passed by, I envied, those artistic, talented minds, that had the courage to combine their passion into work. It's very true, that as you get older, you let go of the fears.

It was time to let go of mine and let my artsy side out. For months I questioned myself   "what can I do that I love, and I can be good at?". My "aha" moment finally came! Who doesn't love candles? I certainly do!

What I don't like, are products filled with chemicals. Products that are harmful to us and our fur babies. I had my second "aha" moment! I can create products, be artsy, and be in charge of what goes into the product. Now, that's a sweet deal!


My products are inspired by nature and nostalgic feelings (Gramma's kitchen, a walk in the woods, summer nights in Havana, or a breeze that carries the scent of flowers). They are simple and sustainable. Natural coconut soy wax, premium cotton wick, reusable mason jar, natural jute ribbon, and handcrafted stone vessels (coming soon). All candles and melts are handcrafted and poured in small batches. 



I am a type-A personality, an introverted Boho, a soul of a modern-day hippie, and always the odd one in the crowd, with different perspectives and ideas. I have a sense of humour (sometimes dark humour). I cannot live without coffee! I don't have a favourite song or a movie. I am driven, determined, and super hard on myself. I can fit into any crowd. I am camera shy and prefer to be in the background, rather than front stage. I love volunteering in my community for a good cause. 


My other enjoyment, besides crafting and making candles, is my fur babies. They fill the house with laughter and chaos. And we all need a little bit of both.


Hope you love the candles and handcrafted products, as much as I love creating them.

If you don't see a scent you love. have questions or feedback, I would love to hear from you 


Your chandler,

Minimal Paper Brushstroke Photo Beauty R
Minimal Paper Brushstroke Photo Beauty R