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Each sampler comes with 6 tealights and a linen pouch


3 oz.


    The Apothecary Collection (Fruity, Fresh, & Citrus)


    -Georgian Peach



    -Sunshine + Linen

    -The Beekeeper

    -Under the Lemon Tree


    The Bakery Collection (Straight out of the oven-baked goods)

    -Apple Crumble

    -Banana Bread

    -Blueberry Muffin

    -Birthday Cake

    -But first, Coffee

    -Cinnamon Bun


    The Earth Collection

    -Walk in the Woods

    -Mist + Meadows

    -Mountain Spruce + Amber

    -Muskoka Lodge

    -Bohemian Nights


    The Garden Collection (floral scents)

    -Lavender Ylang

    -Eucalyptus Lavender

    -Lilac Breeze

    -Sweet Magnolia

    -Dark Rose

    -Japanese Cherry Blossom


    The Loft Collection

    -Vanilla No. 11

    -Black Currant & Cashmere No. 12

    -Coffee Shop No. 14

    -Santal No. 15

    -Citrus & Sage No. 16

    -London Fog No. 19


    The Vintage Amber Collection (Sensual Scents)

    -Palo Santo No. 21

    -Bibliotheque No. 22

    -Whispers in the Library No. 23

    -Hemingway No. 24

    -Ombre Leather No. 25

    -Southern Gentleman No. 26

    -Cashmere No. 27

    -Havana No. 28


    The Lux Collection (Perfectly blended fragrance & essential oils)

    -Toasted Coconut + Midnight Amber

    -Rose Patchouli + Amber

    -Maple Chai + Sweet Cream

    -Egyptian Cotton  + Lavender Buds

    -Roasted Chestnuts  + Rum

    -Coffee Bean + Cacao

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